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Cropping Tool not showing

  • OsamaNuman


    Hey there,

    I have this issue with BP profile image cropping tool, its not showing at all, I have searched on many pages for the solution but nothing worked, I have deactivated all plugins, nothing!

    I have all new updated WP and BP versions, and my site’s JQuery is 1.11.0

    I need help on this one, either to show the cropping tool OR just crop *by default* the full width of the image (I just dont want to crop the small square from top right of the image, without being able to control that crop!)

    Any help on any of the 2 solutions needed?? Thaaanks

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  • danbp



    you say Cropping Tool not showing… you omited to say with your theme.

    Have you tested with Twenty Fifteen ? If the tool appears with Twenty, you’ll need to adjust your theme or ask his author for support.

    f you’re confortable with CSS, maybe you can use Firebug to get some precious information to help you doing that adjustment.




    Sorry for late reply, but I have been in contact with my theme developer and he shared a photo of errors showing … can you please tell which error is preventing the cropping tool from showing?




    @osamanuman @danbp told you to check with Twenty Fifteen and update this thread…instead of that you say “contact with my theme developer”..if its a custom theme your theme developer can fix it..the issue is not related to buddypress…

    have you checked this before starting off:

    PHP must have the GD or imagick modules installed (on the server) to allow re-sizing of images; BP avatar uploads will fail without one of these modules activated (WP will simply fail to create image sizes for posts but won’t show an error)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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