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CSS / 100% width of yellow top ?

  • abcde666


    there is a light-yellow area at the header of the website (the area where the “members-search”, “username” and “log-in” is).

    How do I get to make this light-yellow area as being 100% of the width of my screen ?

    Same width as the navigation-background-image at the very top ?

    Appreciate your help.

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  • you’d actually have to muck around with the code a bit, because it *would* just be changing #search-login-bar width to 100%, but since it’s wrapped inside the body container which has a max width of 1300px, changing the body width to 100% would expand the entire content area — something which i’m not sure you’d really want. so really, you’d have to edit the header.php file and probably move some elements around first, then do the css later.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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