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CSS background for Profile page only?

  • mtgame21


    What is the CSS to modify the background for just the individual profile page? Or would I need to customize a buddypress template file?

    I know how the set the background for my theme, but I would like a different background (image or color) for the buddypress pages.

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  • mtgame21


    Is there a page id for the buddypress profile page?

    Henry Wright


    Check your page source to see if body classes are utilised by your theme. Then you can do:

    body.classname #selector .etc {
        // Stuff.

    @mtgame21 We attempted to comprehensively provide classes on the body element to cover and catch as many conditions in BP so check those classes – as Henry points out – on the body element. The first you’ll possibly notice is ‘.bp-user’ to cover all instances of a users account screens. As an example if you’re looking at your profile screen you should see a series of body class tokens like this:

    xprofile bp-user my-account my-profile profile public buddypress

    With these classes we cover all important states, we inform we are on a Users series of screens ‘bp-user’, we state in this instance that it’s the logged in users account with ‘my-account’, we state the specific screen ‘profile’ and again we further specify that this is ‘my-profile’ the logged in user.

    Check out further screens to see how these class tokens will change.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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