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CSS container v. bp_container

  • LPH2005


    I could have saved hours getting BP to work with a particular theme if bp css used a prefix such as bp_ to distinguish between other css files. The change to bp_ prefix wouldn’t be that difficult and it would certainly save time for css for container and content. I ended up doing this manually for a site just to save time.

    I know others on here are far better with css and maybe have a better way but renaming the container worked.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • How do you mean ‘prefix’? prefixed to each selector or the body/html tags? BP tokenises itself on the body tag already so you can use that.

    What you are really having an issue with is specificity and the weight of selectors and that just has to be understood and allowed for also understanding the cascade is important.

    While it’s true that where you have plugins or modules – not just in WP land – it is often essential, if they supply required styles, that those are prefixed with a unique name as the author will not be able to account for what other rules might be in play and using the same element names so adding their own unique prefix ensures that clashes can’t occur – ThickBox is a good example where all selectors carry a unique name – adding prefixes to BP rules could just start getting messy and adding file weight, this notion of taking existing themes and attempting to make them BP compatible is a bit of a hack and is often going to produce not hugely favorable code the correct approach tbh would be to start styling from the ground up rather than attempting to mix major stylesheets.



    I think LPH2005 is like most folks and doesnt think of writing the css path off of the body tag. I think it makes sense from a ground up prospective but with there already being so much styled it is probably best to use the path method for BP specific items.



    hnla – I’m sorry your response wasn’t seen earlier. Thank you for the information. I don’t quite understand your answer because css is a cut/paste for me :) — But I’ll do some Google searches and try to figure out more.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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