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CSS doubts

  • ronashman


    WP 4.5.3
    BP 2.6
    Using UX theme. Issues still occur with the Twenty Sixteen theme.


    I have 2 questions about CSS and I haven’t found the list I am looking for.

    1) Could someone please tell me which is the CSS code I should use to show the hint or field description next to the field name? Or at least very close to the field, below it.

    2) I have a problem with the password meter. It shows too close to the field and moves the one below it (confirm field). Can I disable completely the password meter? Or at least move it somewhere else? Besides it meters ridiculously, eg. “th1sisaPassw0rd!” shows as very weak.

    3) The first field of the groups is shorter than the other ones. What could be causing this?

    I deleted all CSS styles and this happens anyway.

    Thanks in advance!

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