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CSS help for Groups Page, please, please!

  • rebekahltc



    I’m so sorry to ask, and I’ve tried so hard to get to the bottom of this myself. I’ve come to the end of my knowledge and our site is launching tomorrow.

    Background – I work for a charity which puts older people in schools to help with reading. We’re poorly funded, and creation of the site has fallen to me. As our audience is older people, often reluctant with new technology, I need this to be as user friendly as possible.

    I’m running latest version of WordPress, latest BuddyPress, with ColorMag as a theme (I have a child theme running)

    My problem is the groups page – it’s not presently as clearly as I’d like. My weak spot is CSS, I’m a bit clueless.

    When I go onto the page – the text for Group Admins/Group Mods is massive, meaning the user need to scroll down to see the content for the group. I’ve used an element inspector and I can see its H2, but where to change it and how? It’s way out of proportion.

    The other thing on my wish list, is to add a colour behind the group menu (Home/Forum/Members etc) – I’d like this to appear as a nav bar, to make it clearer, but I don’t know how.

    I would so appreciate some help. We’re on such a shoe-string that development ust fall to little old me, and although I’ve done pretty well so far, I’m stumped. I’ve searched and fiddled with it to no avail.

    Thanks so much in advance for any pointers.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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