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CSS Overide and inline styles

  • Kev Provance


    I noticed that if I attempt to override the BuddyPress CSS in the plugin by adding a copy of it to theme/buddypress/css/buddypress.css that I lose all the inline styles that make the members pages look good, to wit, the background image stuff.

    I see that when the plugin is permitted to load it’s CSS inherently, the handle is bp-legacy-css, which of course allows for the inline styles of bp-legacy-css-inline to load up.

    Now, when using the theme specific copy of buddypress.css, it gets the handle bp-parent-css and consequently, no inline styling for the member page, and presumably other things.

    Is this by design? I’d prefer to keep the nice looking member pages, but I need to cut out some stuff in the buddypress.css completely as to apply my own styles (not as simple as using !important. Some stuff has to go completely)

    I tried deregistering the bp-parent-css and enqueueing my theme specific version with the bp-legacy-css handle, but alas, wherever the WP_add_inline_style is being called, it’s happening too late.

    On BP 2.6.0, WP 4.5.3


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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