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Custom Avatars missing

  • copgarden


    After upgrading my sandbox site to 1.1 the only problem I have is the custom avatars that were uploaded by groups and members are missing. I am able to re-upload custom ones fine, but the live site has several hundred users, many of them have used custom avatars. Anyone know of a fix for this that doesn’t involve asking the members to re-upload their custom avatars?

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  • djsteve


    I am having the same problem, I just bit the bullet and upgraded my “pre-1.0” to the latest 1.1.2 – upon doing this all custom uploaded avatars have vanished. Avatars for members and groups on my live site.

    I thought perhaps maybe since my original install had the buddypress located in “mu-plugins” – and I had to put the newer BP into “plugins” then perhaps the images saved for members and groups would be in one of the subfolders that I deleted out of “mu-plugins” – but after look for a while I am lost.

    I posted an apology to my users – hoping to find a fix somewhere…



    Plus one after upgrading from pre 1.0 to 1.1.2. Some custom gravatars for groups work, some don’t and I’m unable to change my personal gravatar which is now one of the avatars that was originally used by a group. weird.



    Well I was able to create new avatars by uploading and cropping, both for my user account and my group – so the functionality is working after the upgrade – but still I can not find a way to re-connect the old avatars before the upgrade – I can see that there are avatar pictures still in a folder called “avatars” which is in the root of my domain – I wonder if this folder has been moved to now be located inside wp-content/bpress? I wonder if I moved the avatar folder that is in the root if that would fix it somehow?

    was avatar folder in one place with bpress pre-1.0 and now somewhere else?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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