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Custom fields for activity Stream

  • martinbeaulne


    Hi ! I’m not very familiar with php…

    I would like to format the activity stream input of my users… Instead of one big text area, I would like to put one single line input, and one checkbox choices.

    It would look like this:
    What is the link to your las movie ? [Text input]
    What was your role in this production ? [Checkbox]

    Then, when the user hits “submit”, the two fields ( text input and checkbox result ) would be combined, with predefined text, as the activity stream post.

    The result would look like this:

    The user added this video: [result of the text input]
    In which he had the role of:
    [result of checkboxes]

    As I said, I don’t really know how to code in php… And I would like to know if my request can be done easily with basic coding….. ?

    I’m using the basic buddypress theme. I think it has to be done in the pos-form.php file, in the “whats-new-content” div… but… that’s all… :)

    Thanks for your support !


    — Ok, no answers.
    I took a plugin, and messed with it. It… works… almost.

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