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Custom function to validate users when joining group

  • jgwesterlund



    I would like assistance with implementing a functionality for my WordPress website using BuddyPress. I have a private BuddyPress group, and I want to restrict access to only those users who have a valid member number. Each user has a member number, along with their last name, stored in a database.

    I would like to create a mechanism where users requesting to join the group are required to enter their member number. Upon clicking the “Request” button, I want the system to validate the entered member number against my database, which contains two columns: member number and last name. If the user’s last name matches the database entry and the member number is correct, I want their request to be automatically accepted.

    Could someone guide me in the right direction or provide an example of how I can achieve this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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