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Custom Menus Confusion?

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    I am not even certain this belongs on this forum any more but maybe if the right people see it that have influence it will be addressed. When creating a custom menu that left side thing about selecting the appearance Nav is a bit confusing! Can the people with influence talk to the powers at be to see that when you create a custom menu it is saved and the end user only needs to select from the post and links which to add to that menu? Just curious and I am still a noob at this. Thanks for listening!

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  • Explain to what you are referring.



    @hnla On second thought never mind, you can close this topic. I guess I just wish the admin in dashboard/appearance/menus was a little different, like I said its more of a WordPress thing than a BP thing. The part on the left says “Theme Locations” I think it would be more appropriate and less confusing if it said “Select Theme Menus” I know how to create custom menus but I have noticed that some new users get confused and I think the reason is because “Theme Locations” should be renamed to “Select Theme Menus” Anyway sorry for babbling about something that is probably not even relevant to this forum. Apologies!

    Yes you need to address issues like that to WP, BP is just a plugin running on WP and has zero influence on that aspect of things.

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