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Custom Notifications show up blank

  • bumblebeegames


    Hiya guys.
    Unfortunately, I am having serious problems with a topic seen here every once in a while. I did go through all the posts I could find and tried half a dozen approaches, but none seems to be working.
    I am adding notifications to a user when someone is requesting access to a post of that user and so far, everything is fine. The notification shows up in the DB with ID, user id, item_id and secondary_id as well as component_name and component_action.
    Now, whenever I receive such a notification, it shows up completely blank.
    This is my code:

    function request_filter_notifications_get_registered_components( $component_names = array() ) {
        // Force $component_names to be an array
        if ( ! is_array( $component_names ) ) {
            $component_names = array();
        // Add 'custom' component to registered components array
        array_push( $component_names, 'project-pitches' );
        // Return component's with 'custom' appended
        return $component_names;
    add_filter( 'bp_notifications_get_registered_components', 'request_filter_notifications_get_registered_components' );
    // Formatting custom with respect to action
    function bp_request_format_buddypress_notifications( $component_action_name, $item_id, $secondary_item_id, $item_count, $format = 'string' ) {
    		if ($component_action_name  !== 'request') {
    			return $component_action_name ;
    		$link = get_site_url();
    		$returnlink = $link . "/my-projects/";
        	$request_title = "Test"; /*get_the_title($item_id);*/
        	$request_link  = $returnlink;
        	$request_text  = "abc";
        // New custom notifications
        if ( 'request' === $component_action_name ) {
            // WordPress Toolbar
            if ( 'string' === $format ) {
                $return = apply_filters( 'request_filter','Your custom notification for <a href="'.$request_link.'">'.$request_title.'</a> ', $request_text, $request_link );
                $return = "Test";
            // Deprecated BuddyBar
            } else {
                $return = apply_filters( 'request_filter', array(
                    'text' => $request_text,
                    'link' => $request_link
                ), $request_link, (int) $total_items, $request_text, $request_title );
            return $return;
    add_filter( 'bp_notifications_get_notifications_for_user', 'bp_request_format_buddypress_notifications', 10, 5 );

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong here? Thanks a ton, this is driving me nuts!

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