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Custom Post Type

  • gatelli


    The last BP2.2 allow to add custom post type in activity feed, that’s great !
    I understood the filter is with the CPT name like ‘new_blog_page’
    How is it possible to save different activities according to taxonomies ? I mean I have a custom post type with 2 different taxonomies and I’d like to display in activity :
    “%1$s posted a new TAXONOMY 1
    “%1$s posted a new TAXONOMY 2” etc…
    all filtered by CPT taxonomy name…

    Is it possible ?

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  • Henry Wright


    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “posted a new taxonomy”?

    Let’s take an example : Custom Tags for your custom post type.

    if the question is : “is it possible to have an activity generated each time a custom post type tag is created ?”

    My reply is it’s not included in core. And by the way, creating a post tag doesn’t generate an activity.

    Post types activities is easing the process of generating activities when an item of a ‘buddypress-activity’ supported post type is added.

    We still need to work on generating activitiies when a comment is made on a post type.

    About generating an activity when a taxonomy (hierarchical or not) is created is an interesting idea but seems inmho specific to a given post type. For example i have difficulties seeing an interest for post categories or post tags (but why not afterall!) but i do see an interest for one of my plugin. So i will explore this for the plugin i have in mind 😉



    Thanks for your answer. Actually I use an event plugin generating custom post types for each event. As I’m posting events with different categories (training / race / etc…) so I use tags.
    So my goal was to post activities differently since it’s for a training or a race.
    Like : “someone posted a new TRAINING SESSION” / “someone posted a new RACE”.
    I’m not sure I’m clear.



    So the question is ‘How can i edit the action string eg: someone wrote a new event, if the event was posted having a race tag or a training session tag ?’

    is this correct ?

    If so, you’ll need to filter ‘bp_activity_custom_post_type_post_action’, get the secondary item id which is the post type id, fetch the tag for this post type id and override the action string.



    Yes it’s correct,
    do you have an example of code I could put in bp-custom.php ? I’m not fluent in coding…

    Thank you so much !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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