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Custom post types and Buddypress — should I wait for 1.3?

  • Hi there,

    I have a small recipe-sharing site I want to port to WordPress/Buddypress, but from my research it doesn’t seem like custom post types are fully supported yet. From what I can tell, makes each recipe a post. That’s fine, but it is a hack when compared to creating a custom post for recipes. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is using posts for other content types typical of buddypress communities that aren’t blog-related? Is there an ETA for Buddypress 1.3?

    Thanks so much, any help is appreciated!

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  • Matt



    We at just started using the CustomPress plugin by — . It lets you easily set up custom post types and custom fields in WP admin. So far, I’m absolutely loving it.

    I was pumped when I first heard about WP 3.0’s custom post type functionality, and THIS is what I assumed would be coming. I’m not a programmer, so I need a UI to set up custom post types. This lets you name a custom post type, choose where it falls in the WP admin menu, pick the icon, pick the fields and editable areas that will display, and create custom fields that will be requested on any post type. It also lets you create custom taxonomies, which I haven’t used yet.

    It makes WP/BP into fully legit CMS, rather than a blogging platform flexible enough to be used as a CMS. This will be seeing its way into a lot of our client projects.

    Matt O’Brien

    Boone Gorges


    There isn’t really any support built into BP for custom pay types, but supporting them is no different from supporting other kinds of custom content in BP. See the BuddyPress Skeleton Component for some guidance on integrating custom content into BP navigation, etc.

    In the next couple weeks I might whip up a new plugin to provide a framework for custom post type support in BP (front end editing, integration into nav menus, etc). I’ve had to do stuff like this for a couple clients in the past few months and I think I have a sense of some good strategies.



    That’s wonderful, BG!
    Please make sure you give us a UI to play with :-)

    Hi @boonebgorges, that sounds so great! It disappointed me, that it is so difficult to give group members the possibility to just write articles in a group. WordPress started as a Bloggingsystem, and the missing possibility to write articles in groups is for me like something is really missing there.

    Of course there is the groupblog plugin, but I think it’s a bit overloaded, to create a blog for every group, just to have some articles in this place.

    There is another plugin from Brajesh Singh But nothing like a framework, to build your own component on it.

    At the moment, the only easy starting point is on quick post plugin, but this plugin turned of buddypress support in the latest versions.

    To have a framework for custom post type support in BP (front end editing, integration into nav menus, etc) to build custom post type components for buddypress with the possibility, to write articles from the frontend with the same functionality like the backend offers, would make buddypress application field much more powerful. Groups could be such a beautifully bloging tool.

    Thanks for that news, and Happy Christmas

    Hi @boonebgorges, do you have any news on the plugin you mentioned for custom post types?



    Isn’t BBPress 2.0 built on custom posts?

    bbPress is, yes.



    So as BP adds support for bbPress 2.0, they’re going to building a framework for supporting custom post types.

    I found issues with Custom Post Types and page titles with the current Buddypress. Page Titles wouldnt display correctly so I needed to create a custom function.

    ‘function bpcustom_get_page_title() {
    global $bp, $post, $wp_query, $current_blog;

    if ( is_front_page() || ( is_home() && bp_is_page( ‘home’ ) ) ) {
    $title = __( ‘Home’, ‘buddypress’ );

    } else if ( bp_is_blog_page() ) {
    $pt_label = ‘Blog’;
    if($post->post_type != ‘post’){
    $pt = get_post_type_object($post->post_type);
    $pt_label = $pt->labels->name;
    if ( is_single() ) {
    $title = __( $pt_label . ‘ | ‘ . $post->post_title, ‘buddypress’ );
    } else if ( is_category() ) {
    $title = __( $pt_label . ‘ | Categories | ‘ . ucwords( $wp_query->query_vars ), ‘buddypress’ );
    } else if ( is_tag() ) {
    $title = __( $pt_label . ‘ | Tags | ‘ . ucwords( $wp_query->query_vars ), ‘buddypress’ );
    } else if ( is_page() ){
    $title = $post->post_title;
    } else
    $title = __( $pt_label, ‘buddypress’ );

    } else if ( !empty( $bp->displayed_user->fullname ) ) {
    $title = strip_tags( $bp->displayed_user->fullname . ‘ | ‘ . ucwords( $bp->current_component ) );

    } else if ( $bp->is_single_item ) {
    $title = ucwords( $bp->current_component ) . ‘ | ‘ . $bp->bp_options_title . ‘ | ‘ . $bp->bp_options_nav[$bp->current_component][$bp->current_action];

    } else if ( $bp->is_directory ) {
    if ( !$bp->current_component )
    $title = sprintf( __( ‘%s’, ‘buddypress’ ), ucwords( BP_MEMBERS_SLUG ) );
    $title = sprintf( __( ‘%s’, ‘buddypress’ ), ucwords( $bp->current_component ) );

    } else if ( bp_is_register_page() ) {
    $title = __( ‘Create an Account’, ‘buddypress’ );

    } else if ( bp_is_activation_page() ) {
    $title = __( ‘Activate your Account’, ‘buddypress’ );

    } else if ( bp_is_group_create() ) {
    $title = __( ‘Create a Group’, ‘buddypress’ );

    } else if ( bp_is_create_blog() ) {
    $title = __( ‘Create a Blog’, ‘buddypress’ );

    if ( defined( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’ ) ) {
    $blog_title = get_blog_option( $current_blog->blog_id, ‘blogname’ );
    } else {
    $blog_title = get_blog_option( BP_ROOT_BLOG, ‘blogname’ );

    return apply_filters( ‘bp_page_title’, $blog_title . ‘ | ‘ . esc_attr( $title ), esc_attr( $title ) );

    Also, if anyone wants to to do some solid reading on custom post types:

    Custom post types in WordPress



    @igeekout when you say current, do you mean 1.5 or 1.2.9?

    For one of my sites, I’m going to need to use custom post types and I was planning on running with 1.5 beta if I could.

    @enderandrew I mean 1.2.9



    I’ll test this on 1.5 tonight. And if the page titles are messed up, I’ll try your function.

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