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Custom Profil Tabs

  • Anthony Valentine


    I have a recipe website and I purchased a custom profile tab plugin to display recipes on the user profile.

    Problem is the shortcode from the Recipe Plugin is showing only one persons stuff, asand if you logout and login with another user and visit the profile it shows nothing.

    I was told I may be able to pull this off if I had a Buddypress User Token.

    The developer of the recipe plugin wrote this:

    “Sorry, what you actually need to do might be more complex. You need to include the user_id with the shortcode. This might be hard to do, unless BuddyPress gives you tokens to use in the content of those tabs. For example, you would need to use this shortcode:

    [cooked-user-recipes user_id=”123”]

    Where “123” is the user id. If BuddyPress provides a token, like %user_id% or something similar, you could then do:

    [cooked-user-recipes user_id=”%user_id%”]

    But I’m not sure if they do.”

    Was wondering if someone could help me with a solution here.

    You can see here I made a tab called “My Kitchen” with two Sub Tabs of “Recipe” and “Favorites”

    But they may not show up for you.


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  • shanebp


    > I purchased a custom profile tab plugin

    Was it a custom BuddyPress profile tab plugin ?
    If so, the developer did a very poor job because any BP profile tab needs to handle dynamic user ids.

    Tell them to simply use $user_id = bp_displayed_user_id(); in the shortcode function and to ignore or remove the user_id from the shortcode attributes.

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