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Custom Profile Fields: Date Selector

  • Bo Broadfoot


    Is there a way to have the “date selector” field type be year only? Or should I make a feature request for a “year selector”?

    It is a very common profile question to ask the users “what year did you graduate” or “what model year is your car” to which the profile data should be “1996” not “day,month,1996.”

    I thought of just doing it as a “drop down select box”, but then I would have to add every year from 1920-2010, and next year I would have to add another option for 2011 and the next year and so on.

    I haven’t coded in years and php has always made my eyes bleed :), plus I was looking for a way to do this that wouldn’t break when I changed themes or plugins around.

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  • sladkoe6ka


    Buddypress 1.2.6
    Where can I change the format of the date in users profile. It appears in English, but I would prefer only digits like j/m/Y ?

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