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Custom registration form – action URL

  • tomasstark


    Hi guys,

    I’m bulding the site on WordPress 3.5 with BuddyPress 1.6.2. I have a multisite enabled in WordPress, while enabling BuddyPress to be displayed on single site by using `define(‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true);`

    What’s the current situation / what I’m trying to do?

    • I have two Fancybox popups on the site. One is for login, another one is for registration.
    • I managed to get the login form to work with my install by simply naming the inputs the right way and setting up the action attribute of the form tag to /wp-login.php.
    • The Registration popup is almost the same as the login popup. The only difference is in the form which contains more fields.

    What’s my problem?

    • I can’t find out which URL should I use in the form action attribute in registration form in BuddyPress.

    Is there some way I could skip the default /register page when filling out the sign up form and do the whole registration process from within the popup? Everything I’m looking for is the way I can send the registration form data to register the user.

    After looking for some proper BuddyPress documentation, I’ve been told that there’s simply just isn’t one well-written (just like the WP Codex is). That’s why I ask here 🙂



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