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[Resolved] Custom slug for members profiles instead of username

  • ch1n3s3b0y


    Hi everyone

    It seems that having the username which people can log in with as the profile URL is a possible security issue, not to mention people might not realise their username will be in the URL and it might not be something people want visible to the public.

    I have seen someone attempt to replace the username with the user ID with some limited success. Is anyone aware of somebody successfully replacing the username in the URL with a custom slug (possibly pulled from an XProfile field?).

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  • maelga



    I only found this old thread but with broken links unfortunately:

    So any input would be appreciated.




    A username is not a real name and wordpress use only username, email and password (the only real security point) to allow access.
    And the default behavior of WordPress is to set the nicename equal to the username. So, where is the security issue ?

    If you’re affraid by the Name field coming with BuddyPress during registration, rename it to Pseudonyme and you’re done. The field must contain a value, which can be first name, last name or whatever. The value is mandatory, not the name as name… ch1n3s3b0y is certainly not your name !

    You’re asking to replace the username by a another value collected with the same register form. Do you think that such other field has less importance in regard of security ? Why would the username be critical and the custom field not ?

    You can even disallow dashboard access to your subscriber, so they never can change anything outside of what is on hand on front-end profile management.

    Please read here to calm you down (hopefully) 🙂

    Why Showing The WordPress Username Is Not A Security Risk



    Thanks @danbp. I was actually thinking about this and twitter uses their public usernames for logins, so I guess I’m just being paranoid!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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