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Custom Template for New Groups

  • lwadz88


    Hello All,

    I am not a web developer, however I am trying to learn. I have a website set up with buddypress already installed. It is all working fine as it should stock out of the box. However, I am trying to learn how to create a customized group template that will be used for all new groups created. I have messed around with the Groups Extra plugin, but that is too much effort on the user’s side to have to re-arrange tabs and create new pages and such. I am looking for a solution to do the work ahead of time so that all users simply have to customize the template with their own information and there is uniformity across groups.

    What id be looking for is something like this:

    Project Name (Join Button)
    (Group Logo or Header Image)

    (Group Admin Selectable Status Graphic, i.e. percent complete)

    (Group Description Block)

    (Group Details Block where group admin fills in details in pre-determined fields upon group creation)

    (Group Key People Images and basic data, like bubbles with four people’s pictures and basic information in a row)

    (Standard Buddy Press Announcement Board)


    I can’t do much coding : ( Is there any way I can make a template with elementor or is there a plugin that can make this a standard format for BP groups?


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