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Custom Theme activity Broken after updating BP in 1.5

  • Hello there i’m having a big problem on my activity stream, where when I created a new post, the only thing that display was the user avatar and the message, it didn’t display the message like “Admin posted an update”, also I noticed that it was not only that but also happened the same in my events manager plug in where when I posted a new group event, it didn’t display the event on the group activity stream which is supposed to be displayed, is there any help or suggestion on how I can fix this?… i really need your help guys.. :( i hope you can help me, you can visit the dev site at this link >>> (the site is still under construction so don’t mind the styles :D ) , also I’ve provided a screenshot if you don’t want to visit the site… I hope you can help me with this.. thanks! more power to you guys! ^_^

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  • Tammie Lister


    Are you using a theme updated to 1.5? I ask this as I’m thinking something is up with the scripting you’re linking to and this could be the issue.

    A good basic test would be to see if you get the same issue using the default theme – that would tell us theme or plugin. Alternatively if you’ve not updated theme files that could be it.



    I’m having the same issue. my theme is updated to 1.5, i deactivated it and activated the default theme, and i deactivated everything save buddypress and akismet. also just reuploaded 1.5 fresh. no activity feed…:(

    No i created my own wordpress theme and with the use of BP Compatibility pack made by r-a-y and boone. I can actually customized the bp templates using it, until I’ve updated the bp in 1.5 and now still having a problem with the activity feeds.. :'( any ideas how to fixed it?

    maybe my own made custom theme wasn’t compatible in buddypress 1.5, even i used r-a-y and boone’s bp template pack on my own made custom theme already. can anyone help me on how my own custom theme be compatible in buddypress 1.5?… i really need to fix the activity stream :'(

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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