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Custom Theme Compatibility and Courseware

  • Bill


    I am using the BP Template Pack plugin to use my custom theme on BP.
    BP runs nicely within the theme, with the exception of the ScholarPress Courseware plugin within groups.

    The plugin works correctly in the default BP theme, but upon activation of the custom theme, is missing odd elements, specifically, the plugin cant display its sub navigation and the text editor has broken JS functions.

    I have several other BP plugins running that work correctly in the custom theme, only the Courseware plugin is adversely affected by it.
    Has anyone experienced this behaviour? Could someone provide some direction as to where to look for theme compatibility problems specific to Courseware?

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  • CC


    I know this is old, but I ran into this problem last week, so I want to share what I did to resolve it in case any other users have a similar problem and are looking for help.

    Basically, when I installed Courseware, none of the subnav menus or text editors were showing up on my custom theme running BP Template Pack, but they worked fine on BP’s Default Theme.

    I tried to follow the instructions here, but I noticed that the BP Template Pack plugins.php file already had the hooks that it needed (bp_before_group_body and bp_after_group_body), so that wasn’t the issue.

    To fix the problem, I copied and pasted the plugins.php file from the BP Default Theme over my custom theme’s plugins.php file (the one created by BP Template Pack). I then made the necessary (div) adjustments to make it work with my custom theme (exactly as I had done when initially setting up BP Template Pack). Voila, my sub navs and text editors appeared beautifully, all within my custom theme.

    I hope this saves somebody a little trouble.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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