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Custom theme update after BP update

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  • danbp


    This is the path to all BP templates /bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/ and it would better that it stays untouched.

    You can update manually from Trac or download the latest BP from plugin repo.

    Your custom theme should be in WP’s theme folder and containing a /buddypress/ folder with all files you have modified. In brief, a copy from what you find in bp-legacy. You use only the files you want to modify, not the whole bp-legacy content.

    That way, you can update BP without loosing anything and adapt, or not, your own templates.

    See template hierarchy, if it’s unclear.



    @danbp thank you for the reply, probably, my question wasn’t clear a bit.

    I know everything about custom themes etc. Here is what I mean:

    bp-legacy includes 72 files, any of them can be included (copied to) in a custom theme. Now we have BP 2.2 out. How can I, as a theme author, find out which of 72 files were changed in this new version, so that I wouldn’t have to compare all of them (in case all 72 are modified in my custom theme) manually?




    Don’t know any other source than Trac or Git mirror.

    If you need to know such precise things, almost constantly, the best for you would to connect to by SVN or Git.

    So you will be informed in real time which BP file is modified.

    That said, templates are relatively quiet in regard of more in-depth core files….
    And on Trac you have a revision number, so it’s easy to follow. And even on codex.

    Following dev’s blog:
    git clone git://

    We have started to include pages in the codex that reference any changes to the template files for a given release, as said though the templates seldom do change but when they do we’ll attempt to highlight those changes and to dhow what code changes might need to be effected.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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