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  • danbp




    Thanks for you input. I am so sorry… I am a newbie… so need a bit more help 🙂
    So I presume I copy the info from ‘usage’ into the /bp-members/bp-members-template.php file?
    And then what would the URL be then?
    Is there maybe a step-by-step how to doc that can help?



    Hello @nanettedp,

    don’t be sorry, we all started a day from 0.
    You exposed (very clearly) your problem, that’s great ! The next step is to learn how to do that.

    If you ask for aid on a support forum like this one, this implies in principle you already did something (who may not work as expected for ex.) In this case, you should show us what you’ve done, so somebody can help you.

    As yo ask for a doc like a how-to, you can search on this forum or google a bit to find one. They’re plenty topics here about this, with more or less explanation and comments.

    But you say you’re a newbie. It’s not like i don’t want to help you, but i can’t teach you this. You need some tech level, even a low one and i ignore which one you already have. It’s also time consuming and as mod i have other things to do here as teaching you. Hope you understand. 😉

    As you didn’t really understand the function i indicate you, i assume you’re not familiar with php and how to use it. So you’re like i was a few years back: a newbie.

    The only thing to do is to learn. You have to experiment, to read documentation, topics and what ever related to code, WP and BP… That’s how we all acquire experience !

    Or i’m completely wrong and you meaned by i need a bit more help give me the solution. In other words, make the work for me so i can add it to my site.
    If so, you can hire a developper from here.

    Your first topic started with Is there a way that I can create a custom URL.

    Yes there is a way. It’s you! Now it’s your turn to play: create and just do it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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