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Customising registration and template’ng

  • shillier



    I’ve customise the registration page and have been successful using a custom page to display the registration.

    Here’s what I’ve done so far.

    Copied the register.php file and replicated the folder structure in the child theme directory. This is the file that I’ve been customising.

    I then duplicated page.php in my child themes root, renamed it to plugin-buddypress.php. I’ve heavily modified this page with new headers, a left and right section, no menus, etc. Basically trying to make the registration non branded.

    However, after all that work, now I realised that all the buddypress pages are using that new plugin-buddypress.php page… so now the customised registration headers, text are also showing up for all other pages which obviously looks rediculous 🙂 when all I wanted was to only customise the registration page. lol

    Anyways, is there a way around this? To make buddypress use the modified plugin-buddypress.php and have buddypress use another page for all other templates? Or am I going about this the wrong way or trying to do something that simply not possible?


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