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Customizing BuddyPress Activity Stream

  • deklein


    I am working on my music sharing website and have one major issue. The site seems to be running fast with an exception of two things. The activity streams (BuddyPress) and the Collections (bbPress Forums). I know that these two areas are loading slow due to the media that fills them.

    See what I mean by how slow it gets once you scroll down a ways (I only have it load 5 items initially as a temp fix to the lag):

    I ran a diagnostics test and was not surprised to find “BuddyPress Media” is the culprit that is causing the slow speeds:

    From my understanding, if a post is extremely long, buddypress will naturally create an “excerpt” of the post and give you a button to press to show the full post. I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY FOR EVERY POST THAT HAS A PLAYER/VIDEO IN IT. All i want to show is the text included in the post, not the video or audio player. There will be an option to load the player included in the post. I feel this would dramatically increase load times (Tell me if I’m wrong). Another idea, that I realize is out there, would be to completely change the way the activity stream looks. Instead of posts in descending order similar to facebook I wouldn’t mind my activity stream to appear in a grid format, where each update gets a square box and upon clicking the box the audio player pops up and begins to play. Then when you click another post, the first box unloads and the new box opens and plays. Any ideas or code I could add in to fix my slow stream issues would be so appreciated! (:

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  • deklein


    Update, downloaded two more plugins and resolved the issue to about 80% satisfaction, although I’d still like some ideas if you’ve got some.

    I downloaded lazy load for images
    I downloaded lazy load for video

    This has caused a drastic increase in the page loading and scrolling speed. I was able to change the number of items loaded to 12 and it scrolls smoothly other than past the soundcloud links. Lazy load for videos has plans to become compatible with soundcloud links as well which will be great when that happens.

    Im still so curious as to how hard it would be to format the activity stream into excerpts of the post into small squares with a sentence of text and a thumbnail image to be able to show 16 or more posts without having to scroll. Lets hear it from the coding experts! (:

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