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customizing default buddypress theme color, logo, etc…

  • takuya


    Does anyone here have/know a blog post or, bunch of information for customizing the default buddypress theme?

    I know there’re some posts on the forum, but wouldn’t it be nice if the resource is placed at one, probably as sticky post on this category?

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  • Please disregard my comment posted in error

    John James Jacoby


    Good suggestions, and I think for the time being we’re all waiting for the 1.0 release before we start documenting code. Until then, any of it is subject to change at any point.

    Once 1.0 is out there is a benchmark to start documenting from, in my opinion.

    I can give you a hint though, check out the /css directories in each plugin, check out the member-theme, the buddypress-home theme, and you can also create a file called “site-wide.css” and put it in your /css directory for your home theme, and put all of your site-wide CSS changes in there.



    John, is your site-wide.css working? When I create one, it breaks the layout of member theme contents…




    I my self is new to buddypress and its template, I have however found out that side-wide.css REALLY means side wide, meaning, all members pages are affected aswell,

    As an example, if you add the css \”widht:900px;border 1px solid #000000;\” to you body through side-wide.css all members pages will be 900 px wide and have a 1 px border around them.

    If you just want to tweek the buddypress template and not change it completely, put the extra css in custom.css. This well give you the same effect but not effecting you member blogs.

    You do need to upload the custom.css to both the home theme and member theme for the changes to work in both templates.

    Hope it helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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