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Customizing Member/Blogs/Groups/Forums Page Navigation

  • Kelly Brindle


    Hey Guys/Gals!

    I am kind of stuck on a CSS issue on my Member/Group/Blogs/Forums pages with the latest 1.2 buddypress (trunk 2222). How do I get the styles from my top navigation to not be applied to my buddypress item-list tabs without screwing up my top navigation styles? See



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  • Brajesh Singh


    hi there

    The problem is , the css selectors for top navigation is not targeted well in style-Orange.css

    have a look at this section in your stylesheet








    below this you will see something like

    #page ul

    #page li

    approximately 5 rules there.

    Change them to something like

    #top-nav ul(replace these 5 #page with #top-nav) then open your header.php and put a div around the top navigation.

    Give it an id like

    <div id="top-nav">
    ..your original ul/li codes for navigation

    and update.

    this should work.

    It is all because the stylesheet is not correct and the css selectors are not targeted well.

    Kelly Brindle


    Thank You Brajesh! That did it!

    Brajesh Singh


    you are most welcome.

    but please take a look again at your code.

    It is not yet well formatted yet.

    You should keep <div id=”page” > as the top wrapper div and wrap <div d=”top-nav”> only around the navigation.

    It is working as it is now, but It may cause trouble at other pages.

    So, please edit your code as I mentioned in my previous post/this post.

    Kelly Brindle


    Ahh…I noticed…lol



    Hey Kelly.

    I really like your Home layout. Im new to BuddyPress and im looking for the same kind of layout for my home page:

    Smooth Slider

    Recent Comments/Random Articles


    Which plugins (if used) did you use for Recent Comments & Random Articles?

    Im using the default BP theme. Would I have to edit the theme to get that effect if is it possible to integrate with a plugin?

    lastly, which theme did you start out with as a template?

    You can see my site here

    Many Thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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