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Customizing My Buddypress Member Directory and Profile Page

  • alliebells15


    Hello Again…So I am trying to knock out this phase of customizations for my sites…

    I am on WordPress 4.7.2 running the MesoColumn theme which is awesome, Richie is awesome and always helpful.

    I am attempting to do the following three things:

    1. I’d like to customize my member directory according to the directions from

    I followed the instructions and It didn’t work. Let me recount what I did: Under my theme folder, I have a folder called buddypress and under it, I placed the style-modules which has the members list module in it. and copied the Code as directed into the functions.php inside the theme folder….which didn’t work. So I tried it in the bp-custom and it gave me text on at the top of my website that is just the code SOOO…help please…This is the code

    function enqueue_members_list_style() {
    			wp_enqueue_style( 'members-list-module-styles',  get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/buddypress/style-modules/members-list-module/members-list-module.css', array('bp-legacy-css'), false, 'screen' );
    function enqueue_members_list_script() {
    			wp_enqueue_script( 'members-list-module-script', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/buddypress/style-modules/members-list-module/members-list-module.js', array('jquery'), false, true );
    add_action('bp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_members_list_style', 20);
    add_action('bp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_members_list_script');

    2. I’d like for the header to feature the about me from the Xprofile. I found a discussion about it, but it left me rather confused…I did view the available action hooks. I assume these hooks require additional css to make them appear correctly? I would like the About me to show up in the center and 5 of the Xprofile links to show up to the far right of the header, maybe as buttons instead of links… not sure where exactly to stick the code, if i can just get an example snippit and the correct function, I can go from there…

    3 I would love to have a multipage registration form. I found a lovely plugin to pull that off BP Better Registration HOWEVER, it doesn’t actually create a Profile for the person. Like the account is active and you can view the site and all that but no profile…I checked their forum but they aren’t responding to the issues. So any other thoughts on how I can pull that off?

    (I’m having an issue with by bp-custom.php file. It is just showing it at the top of my website Its not processing the code :(. )

    and that’s all for this round 🙂 wasn’t sure if I should do multi posts or just stick it all in one so…

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