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Date Selector and Groups Bugs

  • Hi

    Running BP 1.5. I encountered the following issues:

    1. If you put a date selector in the Base profile and even though is set to required, can be bypassed during registration.

    2. The date selector has years that go up to like 2035. The latest should be up to the current year, right? For instance I have a birthday field and it’s very odd the way it is.

    3. When you are an admin in a Group, you are able to demote yourself which results in a 404 error, and a 404 when you leave the membership in the group.

    4. In addition to #3, this makes the group “hidden” if the admin was the sole member. So there is a group count for a group that does not exist. I’m trying to figure out how to correct the count but it’s stuck. :(

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  • Bump.

    2. isn’t a bug. It was changed to show as many years as possible (Windows’s servers displays less than other platforms).

    1., and 3 and 4, sound like they should be bugs. Please can you report them to You can use your username and password from this site. Thanks!

    Done. #3630 & #3631. I didn’t know that regular users can report bugs on the trac site, neat.

    I didn’t submit one about future years since you mentioned it is by design. But is there any way to make the form show up to the current year?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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