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DayZ Clan Network


    The first and only gaming clan and group network for the hit new game DayZ. Things are up an running but I have done zero promotions besides a button on my blog and in a couple forum sigs. I need some more work and testing before I publicize, however All in One SEO is doing it’s job and I am getting at least a couple new users per hour. I have some of the biggest clans in DayZ coming in to have a presence there, I need to do them and my other users justice and make something safe, clean and fast.

    I need a lot of help, for example is there any way I can create a URL using a variable. If I could have$user_name/profile or something similar work I would be in heaven and can get most of the rest of the issues done. I got 20k hits on my blog 2 days ago (before I placed the link to the new site) and I do not want to waste anymore traffic.

    FYI I am using Group Frontpages with the CSS add on it is pretty brilliant. BBPress for the forums, it looks bad right now I need to work on them.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, primers, tutorials, prayers, divination, curses for me? I am a grown man I just need open, honest advice on whats the best way to clean my site up and get it ready for some traffic. Thanks for the help in advance! Anything I can do for ANYONE please let me know. Anyone that is only a few days into Buddypress like me can ask me for starting advice.

    For more about DayZ and to visit my blog go to

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  • Tammie Lister


    Cool start, you’ve posted this in the gallery section so probably for your questions you would get more responses if you put them each in a post in one of the other forums. For instance the ‘Creating and Extending’ for customisation or ‘Installing BuddyPress’ for setting up, or ‘How-To and Troubleshooting’ for any issues and after set up.

    As far as commenting on the site I’d love to see the front page show more of the community within. I always think it’s a shame to just have a wall of text when you land on a community. Maybe expand on the logo styling and rough up (for want of a better design term) the other elements. I’m a sucker for a bit of personality in a site and think considering your topic you could do that fairly easily.

    A few days ago I had added a few widgets to give more to look at, but they are messed up right now from the BP update. Going to be working more on that front page, you are right it needs to show the features better.

    Just been tweaking the theme since I am a total noob, but thank you for the input it really helps.

    Nice site looking good keep up the good work.

    FYI need to fix your menu community on top. Groups(Clans) and Forums don’t point to there pages.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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