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Default landing tab on site-wide activity

  • majecdad


    OK, so in trying to be self-sufficient I’ve read about 500 posts (ok, slight exaggeration, just seemed like it) on the subject, learned a lot 🙂 but didn’t find a fix.

    A solution was referenced here, but it doesn’t *quite* work, as referenced in #post-102992 farther down the same page (not linked so this doesn’t get caught in moderation).

    So I’m simply looking to make the default landing/open tab on the Site-wide Activity page be ‘My Groups’ instead of ‘All Members’.

    I messed around in index.php with ‘selected’ and some of the fixes discussed, but no joy.

    I saw this: define( ‘BP_GROUPS_DEFAULT_EXTENSION’, ‘forum’ ); out there too for Groups pages, and wondered if there was a way to use it on the SWA page?

    This was referenced as far back as here by @modemlooper who made a great analogy to the potential of an overwhelming feed. However, in following multiple threads from there, I still haven’t found a solution.

    Anyone point me in a direction?


    WP 4.1.3

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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