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Delay on Group posts showing for other members

  • colingdi


    Hi folks,
    Could someone tell me if there is a delay or check system in posts to groups within Buddypress or what would cause intermittent delays.

    Posted group updates for the past hour from 3 accounts intermittently. For the first hour the only posts visible on each users group activity view was their own posts (and any historical from last month).

    Then after 45- 60 minutes all posts became visible (i.e. expected behaviour) and all new posts posted after that point were visible.

    I can’t see how there would be a delay and then no delay, the activity feed I used was the base code with all customizations removed. I’m at a loss to figure it out and it’s so strange I’m doubting myself but this isn’t the first time this has happened (hence the testing that revealed this anomoly).

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