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Delete buddypress folder after pluging was installed

  • strategizeme


    Hello guys, I hope that you are well. I run WP 3.8 Multisite, subfolders on shared server. WP installed in root ( There are no users except for super admin user. The site is new with no blog posts or pages, except for sample page and sample blog post (Hello World!)

    1. I have FTP buddypress folder and installed buddypress on a secondary blog, as described in link below

    2. I have made the changes to wp-config.php only

    3. I have configured pages for, except for Activate, site tracking and Register pages.

    4. I have checked phpmyadmin, all BP tables are there.

    5. I went to log out the website and I got a nice “Access forbidden” blank page.

    6. I have started panicking so I have deleted buddypress folder from server via FTP.

    7. I have found out that the error was one instruction in the .htaccess

    8. I have uploaded buddpress via FTP and activated the plugin network wide.

    Question, do you suggest me to start using buddypress plugin or shall I follow the instructions below to ensure a clean plugin installation?

    Thank you for your support.

    Regards, strategizeme

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  • Marcella


    you should be okie to reupload the buddypress directory into wp-content/plugins without reinstalling but if it will make you feel better having a flawless installation for peace of mind go right ahead.

    it did sound like an .htaccess problem.



    Marcella, thank you. I have gone for a full re-install. Better safe then sorry.
    Thank yo for your support.
    Regards, strategizeme

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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