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Delete Subcomments issue on WPEngine

  • Leo Gopal


    I have an issue that only exists on BuddyPress on WPEngine:

    When sub-comments are made in a BuddyPress group – and if the page is refresh, clicking delete on that subcomment gives me a 404 page, and reply does not work on subcomments either.

    I made a screencast video demonstrating it:

    The important things are:

    * It needs to be a group subcomment – not just a comment.
    * It needs to be a fresh reload of the page – just added the subcomment and deleting it without refreshing wont produce the issue.

    The page I used in this video demo is:

    Unticking the Auto-refresh checkbox in buddypress options seems to make both work again, however when I select to delete a subcomment and there are multiple subcomments to it, it will either delete all subcomments, or all subcomments below on the same main comment.

    Neither of these are solutions, and WPEngine say, that I should get in touch with you guys.
    Please help.

    Latest WordPress, Latest BuddyPress.
    (P.S. It works on all simpler hosts like bluehost, pagely, hetzner, but client wants WPEngine)

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