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Delete (unfinished) accounts

  • roelant


    Where can I, as the administrator, see all the accounts that exist, including the ones that we’re not finished by the user?

    I tested my site once and made a new account using one of my e-mail adresses, but then I found out that I didn’t know the password anymore so I didn’t finish the sign-up. Now I can’t make a new account using the same e-mail adress because the e-mail is already used.

    So does anybody know where I can find this account and delete it?

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  • A little puzzled here so you activated the account? but couldn’t sign in as you had forgotten the password? Did you try editing the user and changing the password ?



    No, I forgot the password of the e-mail account I used. It was one I hadn’t used for a while. But when trying to get the password from hotmail, it resetted my account and deleted all my e-mails. So my site probably sent a confirmation e-mail but that one has been deleted.



    Request to change your password again.
    Check your junk folder for the email confirmation.

    If you’re the admin, simply login to the WP dashboard, navigate to “Users” and either remove the user or click on “Edit” to change the email address associated with the account.

    Like what I did say!

    Or Roelant dive into your DB and remove the user from there.

    For testing purposes it’s useful to configure a catchall on an email account then you can make up email users as you go along and their email will be dropped into the catchall account you specify.



    Thanks, the user has been deleted.

    @hnla: Where can i activate the catchall option? (I can’t find it)

    A ‘catchall’ is configured at your email server it’s not a WP/BP feature for example I use Google domain email accounts a lot as they are easier for clients at times, with these and with my own I can set one account ”info’ / ‘admin’ as an account that receives any email directed to so even if there isn’t an account set up for if an email is sent to that address it will end up in the account I’ve instructed, just means I can’t run out of email addresses.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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