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Developer job – help setting up a BuddyPress site / feasibility

  • jnthnlstr



    I’m currently building a non-profit community management and membership website and have been looking into which WordPress plugins are available to run the system. I have come across BuddyPress and it seems like it might fit the bill. I’m looking for someone to help me set the site up.

    I wanted to post a high-level description of what I’m looking for, so you could see whether BuddyPress can do what I am looking for; and where it can’t, you could suggest what other plugins would work well alongside to fill the gaps. We’re not averse to commissioning customisations where appropriate.

    Please reply here or drop an email to

    Brief summary of technical requirements (not all of this needs to be part of the system, but the system must be extensible with a clear API):

    – Users can register and add their details
    – User might be individual or organisation
    – User details include: options, text, paragraph text
    – User can register with only partial details (e.g. just email address, for mailing list signup)
    – Administrator can alter user details and create users

    – User can make a donation from anywhere in the world
    – Administrator can record donation made elsewhere (e.g. cash)
    – Administrator can run reports on donations, with period comparisons (e.g. 2012 vs 2013)

    – Membership fees are determined by user country (or there are options for membership fee levels)
    – Membership fees can be annually recurring
    – Administrator can record membership fee paid elsewhere (e.g. cash)

    “Smart groups”
    – Administrator can query for groups of users based on any of their fields
    – These queries can be saved (as “smart groups”)
    – Queries can include arbitrary (developer-created) fields not on user profiles (e.g. “years of consecutive membership”, “is donor”)

    – Emails can be sent to any smart group (e.g. newsletters)
    – Emails can be sent to any user (e.g. custom reminder)
    – Emails can be triggered in response to events (e.g. donation made, user signup, membership period expiry upcoming)
    – Emails are delivered by external delivery service (e.g. MailChimp, SendGrid)

    Needs to play nicely with the public website running on the same WordPress install
    – Must not affect or be affected by standard WordPress behaviour or other plugins (e.g. site translation)
    – User information must be accessible for publishing on public site (e.g. show details of users which are organisations)



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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