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Developing a complex website with BuddyPress – is my idea realistic?

  • dascoo


    I would like to create a complex website (I will briefly explain the idea below). A few people recommended BuddyPress as a perfect platform for the idea. I would really appreciate if experienced users could tell me if my idea can be realized using BuddyPress and other WP modules.

    Here’s the idea and the basic functionality I would need. The website will allow users to get creative input on their ideas. The users will upload files of their creative projects for the service staff and get files with variations or additional ideas from them in return. Other form of exchanging creative ideas would be chats with the service staff – a new chat would be started for each project. All of the files and chat history will be stored in each user’s private account.

    The service would be free to try for the first week with a limited amount of chats and file exchanges. Then a recurring payment is going to happen once a month. Paid version will also have a limited amount of chats and file exchanges. If users want more feedback, they can pay for it. Additionally, free chats and file exchanges will have options to buy more detailed feedback.

    Is BuddyPress capable of creating and managing a system with dozens (and later hundreds and thousands) of separate user accounts, each with its own history of chats and file exchanges? Is it capable of providing and handling all the different payment options I mentioned?

    If so, which other modules should I look into? And what would be my first steps if I never had any experience with BP or WordPress? I have experience with HTML, CSS and JS.

    Thank you for all the help in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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