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Developing themes to integrate with BuddyPress and bbPress

  • AlexFA08


    Hi there,

    I’m new to WP theme development but am interested in starting with themes that emphasize BuddyPress and bbPress integration. Other than simply installing BuddyPress after the theme is done, what kinds of things should I do/keep in mind as I’m developing the theme from scratch?


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  • djsteveb



    If I was creating a new theme with buddypress in mind right now, I would consider that most buddypress installs probably use the rtmedia plugin – and given that it is over bloated with it’s own loading of bootstrap components, and font awesome, and I think some zurb foundation files(?) – most themes I have tried to use that are responsive and work with buddypress plain – have issues when the rtmedia plugin is enabled – not sure why exactly – but I found that any theme I tried that was based on bootstrap code caused conflicts, and there for I was unable to use – since having media uploads is more important than having a good theme imho.

    Maybe that will change if the new mediapress plugin proves to be a good alternative – but I don’t think we will know unless someone codes an import media and stuff from rtmedia to mediapress.

    So if I was making a new theme for BP – I would try to test with rtmedia, and some of the other major plugins that most people will be using. I’d make it responsive – but I would get a list of all classes that bootstrap uses and make sure not to use any of the same.

    It would be nice to see a new theme that had options to un-enque / deregister calls to repetitive assets – on my current theme I think my theme calls 4 javascripts, 3 css files, adds inline css styles, and then my 6 plugins do the same.. so I end up loading javascripts about a dozen times, and fonts, and about a dozen css files, and a few hundred lines of inline css, and all kinds of extra bloated bs.

    Some random thoughts from my recent experiences.

    Archie Webmaker


    Try using my theme “Maximus” back after three yrs

    Henry Wright


    Hi @alexfa08

    It’s great to hear you’re thinking of theme development particularly for BuddyPress.

    There’s lots of things to consider, but The Theme Review article is a good place to start. It details some guidelines as well as standards and good practices.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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