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Development Environment Suggestions

  • I would like to evaluate BuddyPress and possibly convert an existing live site over to BuddyPress.

    I would like to work on the new BuddyPress version of the site in the background, but I’m not sure what the best way to set up a development environment is. Can I use a subdomain on the existing site? I do have access to the files on the server through ssh/putty and prefer to code directly on the web server. Alternatively, I do have an unused domain that I could develop on, but ideally I’d prefer not to use this. I definitely prefer the development site stay hidden until I’m ready to switch everything over. What typically works best. No need to go into great detail. Just looking for advice. Thanks!

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  • You could always use your spare domain and lock everyone out with .htaccess. I tried my first test install on a Linux dev box I have here, and it nearly worked… but not quite. I then used a spare domain of my own and set it up on my Hostgator shared hosting… and it worked fine. Still trying to figure out why my dev box didn’t want to play nicely, given I have other WP installs on it that work fine.

    I guess I’m just giving you a heads up that things may not be as easy on your own local dev system as they might on a pretty standard Linux shared hosting environment. :)

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