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different profils for different roles

  • Greetings Folk

    I’m a total beginer with BP, but have a good understanding of WP.

    I have just download BP and try to play around and browse around the support and codex to get some knowledge

    please forgive me if my questions are too stupid

    is it possible to have different profiles for differents kind of “members”

    let me explain, let say that I’m a wakeboard fan and wish to build a community around it. I want to have members that could fall in 3 differents type
    a/ wakeboarders
    b/ wakeboard shops
    c/ wakeboard schools

    I would wish the profile informations for wakeboarders to be different than the profile informations for shops to be different than school

    is that something that could be for example achieved through a role management, with different profile for different roles?

    if that’s something that don’t seem to be too foolish for you, then for example at the registration I could ask what kind of ‘member type’ the would join and then have a different profile form?

    thank you in advance



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  • That was a lot of duplicates Steffy :) I’ve removed them now.

    In reference to profile types this is a subject that has been discuss on a few threads pretty recently last few days, would you have a hunt through for these as they will likely help out towards this end and provide coding snippets and guides, if still stuck then post back for further guidance. In fact your question almost exactly mirrors another so have a read through those threads, they don’t necessarily have all the answers but will get you started.

    thank you very much hnla, I will dig it up, in that in this very forum section or another?.. sorry again for the duplicate but I’m currently offshore and the satellite connection is not really steady

    by the way is there a way for the author to delete a post forum? in case I have not seen it

    Hi hnla

    I have surfed over through the forum threads the last 15 hours and got some points here and there.. but still nothing really functionable to get started with creating new profile type.. you mentioned ‘In fact your question almost exactly mirrors another’, do you remember where that post was?
    thank you much in advance

    @freeriders sorry i don’t have a link to that particular comment which was likely part of a larger thread

    @hnla, no problem, I will keep on searching around.. thank you for your time

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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