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Disable status updates?

  • nicolaelvin


    I want to disable these. I only want users to be able to have a profile, connect with each other, post in the forum and (through plugin) create a gallery. So how can I disable this feature?

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  • Anonymous

    Go to the dashboard, under BuddyPress in the left pane select components. Uncheck the checkbox to the left beside Activity Stream. You may also want to create a custom menu while in the dashboard under appearance/menus and name it, make sure under theme locations/primary navigation you select the name you created and save it. Down below check all the post and pages you want to add to the navigation and click the Add to Menu button. To the left you can drag the boxes in the order you want the post/pages to display in the navigation menu. Make sure you save the menu. This way only the items you want you up on the front end navigation and in the buddybar at the top.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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