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disabling groups option

  • I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable the groups option. I disabled blogs for new subscribers by changing blogs.php to blogs.php.OFF and it worked. When I tried this with groups there was an error.

    Also, I am interested in installing bbpress to have a basic forum for my site. I am not interested in using the groups forum at the moment. I would just like a forum that uses the same user database as my main site with the same admin bar up top. I am currently running wpmu 2.6.5.

    Which version of bbpress would I install to accomplish this. Or will this not work at the moment. Thanks in advance!

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    I believe … but if you won’t want to use the blog just remove it from your plug in section. I remember reading something about that a few months ago but Not 100%.



    Ideally, not using bp-groups will disable groups (take it out of mu-plugins). Not sure if the other components are dependent on it anymore. At one point, Andy was recommending we use all of them. I think since he’s released the Beta that they will work independently.

    If you want to integrate bbPress with WPMU, the best place to get info on that is at

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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