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Disappearing sidebar

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  • I am not sure if this is related but once in 10 or so refreshes of my website, the side bar will not be displayed along with the top menu

    yeah that’s just about the same problem that I have. Accept that the problem only occurs when I click view, on single status update-messages. All of the other pages seem to be fully functioning with sidebar and everything.



    @danfun – That is not a bug, but an intentional design layout; it’s supposed to mimic Twitter’s status permalinks.


    If you don’t like this, if you created a child theme, you can override the activity permalink in your child theme’s /members/single/activity/permalink.php.

    Thank you r-a-y. I have some other questions too, so I’ll just post them here:

    • I’d like to move the login to my admin bar, I have come about halfway. Which part of the (Default?) css is it that I should
    alter to make it fit into the admin bar?

    • I wanna make a frontpage displaying the latest posts in a specific category with Css-styled RSS output, how do I go about that?

    • There seems to be a very bad update frequency for the notifications in the admin bar. For example: If I get a new notif saying
    “You have a new message from…” that notif stays like that for some time if nothing new happens, it doesn’t go away even if I read
    the mess. So basically I’d like to change the alert-time for notification.


    • The date/timestamps on blog posts are inaccurate and I can’t seem to change them,
    they now read may 19, and I want them to be the other way around. Even though I have tried
    several times to change it in the WP-adminpanel it just won’t change, it doesn’t leave any error messages
    or anything.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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