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  • veshop


    WordPress version 5.7.2
    BuddyPress version 8.0.0 (Legacy)

    My website is not yet pulic, but here I describe what I am aiming for:

    Is there a plugin which can achieve this? It would have to be a dynamic solution, as I would want to have the placement rather every 3 to 4 rows and when the number of members grows, it would have to display automatically with new members, so I wouldn’t have to insert it manually.

    I don’t use an ad plugin as these get detected by ad blockers and thus are useless. I create ads myself with sliders. Currently I use widgets where I can choose user role based who sees the ad sliders and who doesn’t. So same would be needed for the above. I would want to display the ad sliders to basic members and not to premium members.

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