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Display member page in profile’s friend section

  • seccyeth



    I’m posting here after submitting a ticket to my theme’s support, who told me to do so even though I feel the issue might be on their side. But here I go, just to make sure !

    I’m using the Masterstudy LMS theme/plugin/pro plugin. I installed Buddypress, and everything works fine, except that the only way to add friends is to go to the /member page. This page is not included in any tab of the profile page, although on Masterstudy’s documentation, they show this page displaying under the “Friends” section. So I’m not sure if this is something that’s supposed to be set by default, in which case I have an issue with my website, or if it is something that I should set up myself.

    For now, under my “Friends” tab, I just have added friends or friends requests displayed. But in the profile page, there is no place where the list of members is being displayed, making it impossible for a user to add a friend without going to /member page.

    Am I doing something wrong ? Is there something I should set up ? Should I go back to my theme support ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • wbcomdesigns


    @seccyeth under friends tab, only those members will be displayed who are already in your friend list, not who can be your friend. You can test same with default 2021 theme

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