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Display Members by Category

  • Hi, I’ve been searching the Codex and forum but I can’t figure out how to list my members by category. I’m currently using Extended Profile Fields to make each member choose a category from a drop down list. I can’t figure out how to display 1 category of members.

    Is it better to partition the members in Groups instead? If so, how would I show 1 group on a page or maybe 2-3 groups? I’m using this to build a site for a chamber of commerce type of entity so each member should be placed into a category. On 1 page I might display members who are “Restaurants” for instance.

    Thanks for any advise.

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  • 4ella


    I hope that somebody will respond you, I have the same question. You can find here on this forum one solution in the past where somebody used profile field search: , so you only need to create some extended profile field : “member category groups” with values as RESTAURANTS ; BARS ; COFFEE BARS ; etc. and you will create some static button in the templates with URL:”MEMBERCATEGORYGROUPS” , but this is very bad solution, I would like to find more elegant, according extended profile field automaticaly build in member directory tabs

    Thanks for the support @4ella . I figured it would be easy to sort the members by a profile field and am really surprised to not find a simple solution. That’s why I’m wondering if I should be using Groups to categorize the members instead of a profile field. I need to figure this out now before I enter in 300+ members. Makes much more sense to figure this out now than after all the data is input and I have to go back in and edit profiles.

    The search function would work but I don’t know how I’d place the search results on a static page without the URL being altered. The URL needs to stay clean such as and no “?s=” displaying after.

    Is this really an undocumented/uncommon request? Thanks again for any help.

    I found some info in the codex I’m working with now but again, I’m not sure if this is the best way to filter a member list. I am trying now to use the Member Loop with search_terms to filter the list. I am planning on having the search terms be a list of business categories such as restaurants, hotels, parks, etc.

    Can anyone verify if this is the best method? Should I instead be using groups to categorize the members and then filter them into lists? How you making out @4ella ?



    @inhouse unfortunately I don’t have a solution yet , I am not a programmer , my abitilty is only to read different forums be able to get info from them and to play with codes they provide me :-( , PHP is very strange language for me yet, categorize members and groups is one of my priority requests , I hoped that with latest 1.5 version will be possible to do more and that somebody will come out with some interesteing plugin or even better code, but it seems that not too many people needs to categorize members & groups directories

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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