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Display Name not used fro bbPress, inside a BuddyPress installation

  • cmavrikas



    I have a WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress installation.

    I have noticed in the activity stream that all activity coming from either the blog or the social network functionality of BuddyPress, the user name displayed is the one filled by the user during registration as the Display Name.

    On the other hand, in bbPress forums and in the activity stream related to the forums, the user name displayed is the login name.

    It is really annoying, because the same user appears with different names in the same stream (if user has selected a different Display Name than the user name).

    Is there a way to have the Display name everywhere, including bbPress forums?

    Thank you

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  • This would need a change in the bbPress templates. I don’t know how useful the bbPress support forums are, but you could try leaving a message at



    you are probably right, but I am not sure where is the source of the problem. I just discovered that for every new user that registers in the site (with a user-name and a public-name), what I see in the admin/users is:

    Username: user-name
    First name: user-name
    Nickname: public-name
    Display name publicly as: user-name is selected and not public-name!!!

    Why the user-name and not the public-name is selected? this drives me crazy… Whatever new name the user edit in his profile, it is never selected!



    It turned out to be a problem caused by the caching plugin used by my hosting provider!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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