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Display Name Sync with wordpress broken if using a tab

  • Currently if you edit your profile under buddypress and change your display name in the “base” tab it will update and sync with the wordpress “_user” database properly. However, if I update a field under a different tab other than “base” that field gets updated to x_profile properly but it changes display name to the users email address. Under the wp-admin user setting: “display name publicly as” has email address as the top choice in the list. I’m second guessing myself but it looks like display name is just cleared and is reverting to default whenever I make a change to a different tab in buddypress profile. The field in question is a drop down box called “Skin name” so I don’t really see it conflicting,

    Any guidance or help is appreciated.

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  • On a side note, I don’t mind editing the buddypress core to keep this from happening. We keep notes on core modifications and update them on each new version of buddypress.

    It looks like the problem if there is one is in xprofile_screen_edit_profile() function on bp-xprofile-screens.php.

    If you find you need to modify core, then please report tickets to Trac about what you do, and why. At the least, we can add more actions or filters so you can implement your changes without having to modify the core files, and at best, it could be a change that other people might find beneficial that we could consider adding to core.

    I cannot recreate your “display name” problem. Have you checked if it is being caused by any other plugin, or a theme, or any of the changes you’ve made to core?

    I would love to determine if anything I’m using is causing the problem, but we are using a very large theme framework and child theme that I have been developing for a good 4 months. For now we are just going to keep everything on one tab since we are pressed for time. I will keep this tread bookmarked in case I am able to determine where the problem lies.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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