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Displaytime of Online Status in BuddyPress

  • fschoenfeldt


    Dear BuddyPress community,

    my company is using your plugin for our companies intranet. When a user is logged in, his online status is shown in a sidebar. Then, when the user logs out, the online status should disappear immediately. But it the online status doesn’t change for quite some time.

    Is there a filter function, or a setting in BuddyPress that controls the behaviour of the “online Users display”?

    Information regarding our system (because it’s an intranet, I can’t provide a link):
    We’re using WordPress v5.2.1, with the Intranet Theme Woffice (v2.7.2.1). The Theme comes with BuddyPress 4.3.0. We didn’t change anything in BuddyPress.

    Also, we got Unyson 2.7.22.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • chris19731973


    Hi Frederik,

    I am looking for the same feature … user online/offline status for BuddyPress …

    So far, I didn’t find any code for function.php file (theme) or bp-custom.php file (buddypress)
    I have found an outdated plugin (2 years old) which can temporary help (Status Buddy plugin) :

    Status Buddy

    With this plugin, the online status is only shown on the directory of members
    This plugin works with WordPress v5.2.0

    If you find something else, please let me know about it …

    Thanks in advance


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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