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div.activity-meta.action — TWO Spam Links?!

  • orribu


    WP ver. 4.9.6
    BuddyPress ver 3.0.0 w/ Buddypress Nouveau
    Rose Child Theme
    SiteL TwistedFates

    Hey! I have a bit of a conundrum.
    I’m working on some CSS to make sure my site, is presentable and fully functional. I’ve been at this for a few months now. The problem with that is… well, when I got to the activity-meta div element two “spam” buttons come up.


    So I figure, that’s not right, you know? I popped open the Inspect tool and noticed that there’s just a stupid…link just FLOATING there, under the ACTUAL spam button’s code. The code I used (below) just deleted both buttons.

    .activity-meta.action a.bp-secondary-action.spam-activity-comment.confirm {display: none;}

    I can’t target JUST that link via CSS…I’m still a greenhorn. I DID however confirm that deleting that one floating link solved the problem, temporarily.


    So… how do I get there to be only one spam link in every activity meta, both for comments and replies? I know I’m doing something wrong or missing SOMETHING. Any help would be radical.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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